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Imperfect with Flaws:


This listing is for a dollhouse 1:12 scale lot of furniture and accessories. 


 Off-white resin 1:12 scale modern love seat has some scratches on paint. Could easily be repainted. Resin cushions are removable. Loveseat measures 4 by 2 1/4 by 2 1/4 inches. 


White faux-leather sofa has some minor issues with the upholstery. Sofa measures 3 inches H x 4 1/4 inches W x 2 3/8 inches D.


Mahogany store shelves are just a little uneven. Shelf measures 6 by 2 7/8 by 1 7/8 inches.


Metal coffee pot sits just a little uneven.


Vintage style cash register is missing a handle.



**Warning choking hazard: small parts, not intended for use by children

 (All additional items for display only).


🌸 Thank you for visiting Rogue Bea Studio LLC. 🌸



Imperfect w/ Flaws Mini Dollhouse 1:12 Scale Lot of Furniture and Accessories

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