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Rogue Bea Manor

In 2016 I opened Rogue Bea Studio. I got my start selling handmade holiday décor. Not long after, I began crafting and selling dollhouse miniatures. Now I have officially fallen down the mini rabbit hole with my own dollhouse: Rouge Bea Manor.

At first, I was interested in finding a used dollhouse locally to refurbish, but came up empty-handed. Eventually, I ended up purchasing the Alison Jr. Dollhouse kit by Real Good Toys from Hobby Lobby.

Building the wooden house from scratch was quite a project, but I'm so glad I did it. My youngest daughter helped with painting and picking out the colors. The entire house is now complete. If you're interested, I detail the entire process with progress photos below.  


I started building the Alison Jr. wooden dollhouse kit (purchased from Hobby Lobby) in early December.


The house took a couple weeks to get to this point. I always have lots of projects brewing, but this was by far the largest project I've ever tackled. I definitely made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot in the process.


By The end of December I finished the basic build of the house. The roof took several days to complete and there was a particularly dark moment when I was batch dying all those tiny shingles. My Christmas gift was this wonderful custom dollhouse stand from a local business called Maker of Man Glitter out of McCutchenville, Ohio.


The inside of the house is still unfinished, but I have the majority of the outside complete. I still need to get some more furniture and finish making potted flowers for the porch. To make working on the house easier, I bought a 24 inch lazy Susan from OldVirginiaHome on Etsy.


End of January: Outside of The Manor is finally complete! Time to move onto the inside of the house. I'm going to start decorating the parlor first...


I added a bee stained glass window in the bathroom and climbing vines around the house. 


Beginning of February: Finished the first room: The parlor. The aged rug is from Melvin's Miniatures. Pretty green floral wallpaper is a digital download from Artsy Miniatures.


Tiny fairy door (found bottom left by stairs) can also be purchased in my Handmade Shop section. 


Shabby Chic painted wood fireplace with handmade polymer clay candles. Distressed cathedral window frame is available in my Handmade Shop section.


Golden bee table and door wreath are handmade. Tucked back in the corner is a vintage umbrella holder.


4/15/21 I finally finished the kitchen...join me for a tour.


I found this beautiful vintage brass table set on Ebay and planned the rest of the kitchen around it. It took a lot of elbow grease to shine up the heavily tarnished table. I believe this table is from the 1920's or 30's and was made in India. 

I made an extra lemon Bundt cake, in addition to the one shown in cabinet. It can be purchased in my handmade shop. 

Both stove and fridge are wooden, hand-painted items. A tiny Persian kitten is keeping warm by the stove.

The shelf above the porcelain vintage-style sink is made from a mini clipboard and square napkin ring holder. Both were found at Hobby Lobby. The Bee mat under the sink is a cork cutout that I found at JoAnn Fabric. 

A vintage brass vase, that I found at a local antique mall, is filled with mulberry paper flowers. Wooden distressed bee wall art is also decorated with paper flowers. 


2 rooms complete and 5 more to go...


5/22/21 - Just finished the bedroom of Rogue Bea Manor.


Curtains and bedding are handmade. The black throw was made from a faux fur remnant I found at Hobby Lobby.  


The wallpaper in this room is scrapbook paper found at Hobby Lobby. Stair runner is available for purchase in 4 different colors in my Dollhouse Supply shop.


The gold shoes, purse and compact shown on dresser can be purchased in my Dollhouse Supply Shop. Plant is handmade.


Pink rug is from Melvin's Miniatures. 


With the bedroom complete, I'll be working on the adjoining bathroom next.


7/9/21 - Finished the bathroom. I found this bold patterned scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby. I really like the bright colors, but it did make decorating the bathroom challenging, as most of the accents needed to be neutral. The bath, toilet and sink are vintage items that someone assembled from a kit likely back in the 80's. I added a piece of glass tile as a countertop as well as a new porcelain sink. 


Towels were made from a fleece remnant. I then hot-glued on gold ribbon. 


This corner of the bathroom seemed to take on a Boho life of its own. Snake and cactus plants are handmade from polymer clay. I have some similar mini cactus plants available for purchase in my Handmade Shop. Bottles on shelf are handmade from beads. Ghost chairs are available in my Dollhouse Supply Shop section.


Bathroom rugs were cut from a piece of faux fur I found at JoAnn Fabrics.


I got lucky in that this bathtub fit perfectly against the window with a (faux) stained glass bee. The bathtub is accented with a handmade bath tray and lots of polymer clay plants. 


With only 2.5 rooms to go, I'll be moving onto the witchy (and haunted) top floor séance room next...


10/27/21 Just in time for Halloween, I finished up the third floor haunted séance room. I think this is probably my favorite room in the house.


The focal point of this room is a hand-painted wooden table covered with all sorts of fortune teller minis.


A handmade moth pillow accents the gold vintage dollhouse settee. A vintage coffee table is decorated with a paper flower arrangement and handmade polymer clay sweets. The beaded wall art is a necklace charm I found at JoAnn Fabric. Candelabra is topped with handmade polymer clay drippy candles.


The polymer clay candles are handmade by me and the tiny Tarot cards were printed and cut from a digital file purchased from MagicPug on Etsy. 


A similar version of the moon face wall art shown in this photo can be purchased in my Handmade Shop.


The resident ghost can be seen from the outside window of this room.


A magenta painted fortune teller cabinet is filled with crystal balls, potion bottles and a handmade polymer clay owl eye book. I made a few extra of the clay books and they are available for purchase in my Handmade Shop. 


This wall features 2 tiny beautiful tree landscapes by UK artist Pip Walters on Etsy.

Next, follow me on a tour of the Office/Explorer's Den...

I finished the office not too long after wrapping up the séance room. My goal is to try to complete the house before the end of the year. 


When I was little, I always dreamed of being an archaeologist. I think that's where the inspiration for the office came from. 


I made this little window seat from glued and stained wooden blocks and matchsticks. The front is decorated with tiny copies of Pompeian wall murals. My sewing has gotten a little better and I was pretty happy with how the pillows turned out. The cute green pouf is from AlyMaeMinis on Etsy.


The rugs and wall tapestry are from GreenGypsies on Etsy. The resin stove pictured, as well as a larger version, were just added to my Dollhouse Supply shop.


I got this vintage curiosities cabinet in a lot of dollhouse furniture. One of the legs was broken, so I just superglued and painted the cabinet. Now it's as good as new. The little shark jaw on top of the cabinet is real. 


Most of the tiny items filling the corner cabinet were purchased from ValueArtifects on Etsy. They are all Feves and work perfectly in a 1:12 dollhouse. 


Now I just have to finish up the little attic and Rogue Bea Manor will be complete.


4-15-2022 I just put the finishing touches on the attic and Rogue Bea Manor is finally complete!


The trunk (full of forgotten treasures) was purchased from Hobby Lobby. The Metal safe can be found in my Dollhouse Supply Shop section.


I don't think you can have a spooky attic without a few bats. One bat is attached to the ceiling with clear jewelry wire.


The attic is definitely a bit hoarded. I think all the pieces I had leftover from my dollhouse project ended up in this room. 


My youngest daughter found these tiny dead flower blossoms outside this spring. They made a perfect vase of wilted roses. 


A full view of Rogue Bea Manor.


The attic lit up and looking spooky. 


Rogue Bea Manor at night. 


I had a great time bringing this project to life. I definitely learned a lot in the process. Someday I think I might like to tackle constructing the "Painted Lady" kit from Real Good Toys and making the whole thing a haunted house.

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